About me

    My paintings are an exploration of photographic memory, the feminine experience, the personality of objects, and the blunt permanence of photo images. My process involves searching through old family photo albums to find reference images for my paintings, and I often find myself questioning whether the photo describes the memory or the memory describes the photo. Desire, discomfort, and nostalgia are themes I continue to explore, however, I am particularly interested in the semi-exciting moments of mundane everyday life. As a woman having lived in the Midwest for most of my life, elements of Midwest culture are a subconscious characteristic in my work, being surrounded by domestic life and the unique ways in which people in the Midwest celebrate, find entertainment, or reward. I see my paintings as a humorous take on embracing femininity, midwest culture, poking fun at societies’ stereotypes. Women in my own family lineage who have taken interest in “masculine” avenues, such as cars or fishing, while still embracing “feminine” traits have been a source of inspiration for me.
Another defining characteristic of my work is the cropped perspective. It is human nature to focus on and identify a face as soon as it is presented, however, cropping out a face or faces, allow objects, bodily gestures, clothing, patterns, and places to become more apparent. I believe these elements provoke subtle memories with strong feelings while still building a visually appealing composition. 


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  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Eskenazi School of Art Architecture and Design, Indiana University-Bloomington, 2019-2023

Solo and Group Exhibitions

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  • 46th Annual Ventures in Creativity, 2024 May-June, Rolland Art Center, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 20th Annual Rites of Passage, 2024 May- June, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, OH
  • The Art of Memory, 2024 April-May, Connect Gallery, Chicago, IL
  • Voices of the Midwest, 2024 May-June, Kavanagh Gallery, Fine Line Creative Arts Center, St. Charles, IL
  • Art Barn School of Art 2024 Juried Art Exhibition, Art Barn School of Art, Valpraiso, IN
  • FWAG Three Rivers Exhibit, 2024 February-June, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2024 Midwest Juried Exhibit, Hamilton County Artists’ Association, Noblesville, IN
  • 2024 Midwest Regional Exhibition, Artlink Gallery, Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2023 Small Works Juried All-Media Exhibition, Northville Art House, Northville, MI
  • 2023 Fusion Art Light and Shadow Competition and Exhibition, Online
  • 2023 Fusion Art Figures and Faces Competition and Exhibition, Online
  • 2023 Elkhart Annual Juried Exhibition, Midwest Museum of American Art, Elkhart, IN
  • 2023 Fusion Art Women Artists Competition and Exhibition, Online
  • 2023 Summer Shine Exhibition, Fishers Arts Council, Fishers, IN
  • 2023 Kekionga Competition and Exhibition, Fort Wayne, IN
  • Yesterday, 2023 Grunwald Gallery of Fine Art, Bloomington, IN (BFA Thesis)
  • 2023 NSAL Annual Competition & Exhibition, FAR Center for Contemporary Arts, Bloomington, IN
  • Aura, a 2023 BFA Exhibition, IFELL Gallery, Bloomington, IN
  • Dreams, a 2022 BFA Exhibition, Innovation Lab, Bloomington, IN
  • Persona, IFELL Gallery, Bloomington, IN 2022


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  • 2023 Fusion Art Light and Shadow Competition and Exhibition, Best in Show, Online (Midday Slump)
  • 2023 Fusion Art Figures and Faces Competition and Exhibition, Honorable Mention, Online (Her Favorite)


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